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All documentation submitted to our office must be less than three years old, and up to three weeks processing time should be anticipated for special requests and accommodations to be approved. All accommodation requests need to be submitted and approved before the student starts working in the course.

High school students with special learning needs should work with their school counseling office to ensure appropriate accommodations are made. If counselors need specific assistance from BYU Independent Study in providing appropriate accommodations, counselors may contact our office at 1-800-914-8931.

Home school students and university students may request special accommodations by submitting a completed request for accommodations form with valid documentation of disability.

Accommodation Request Form

Disabilities Form

Accommodations which compromise the essential functions of a course will not be granted.

Students will need to be specific in their request about which courses need accommodations. It is the student’s responsibility to notify our office if they have enrolled in a new course since their documentation was processed and would like their file looked at for the new enrollment. It is important to note that accommodations applied to one course do not automatically apply to another.

Click here to request that your accommodations be added to another course.

The following accommodations are not authorized for any reason: