High School Programs

Concurrent Enrollment Info

To register for concurrent/dual enrollment courses, the student must do the following:

  • Complete at least 12 high school credits

  • Have a current GPA of 3.0 or higher

  • Complete a Concurrent Enrollment Application for authorization. Print and fill out the form found here

  • Mail, fax or email the Concurrent Enrollment Application to BYU Independent Study.

One (1.0) high school credit will be awarded for each university course that is passed. However, the student's university transcript will show the number of university credits associated with the course.
Please note:MATH 111 is a 2.0-credit BYU course and MATH 112 is a 4.0-credit BYU course. It is important to remember that university courses taken in high school will affect the student's university GPA.

Concurrent Enrollment Courses