Program Application

Instructions and Information

How to Apply

To apply, students must fill out the online application, found here for the Standard and Advanced Programs, and here for the Adult Program. Students must also create an account with a BYU netID unique to them.

Applicants will need to mail or fax the application, with a non-refundable $40 fee, to the address listed below:

BYU Independent Study
120 MORC
Provo, UT 84602

If an applicant has previously attended accredited institutions, the student must contact them and request that they send his or her transcripts, with seal and signature, to the same address. Additionally, if the applicant is just starting high school, then the student must send their middle school transcripts. Unaccredited home school students are not required to send transcripts. Faxed transcripts will not be accepted.

If a student is accepted into one program and later decides to switch to another, (from Standard to Advanced, for example) the student must resubmit the first two pages of the application along with a $20 transfer fee.

How to Get Started

When the High School Programs Department has received the application, the $40 fee, and transcripts, it will take a minimum of three weeks (depending on the volume of applicants) to process the student's application.

When accepted to a program, the student will receive a welcome letter and a student progress record (SPR). The student progress record shows all credits the student has earned both from former schools and from BYU Independent Study, as well as any credits needed in order to meet the program requirements. If a student wishes to know which courses to take, each program has a chart which lists the program requirements and the options for fulfilling them.

Students who have been accepted into a program should plan to continue their high school education exclusively through BYU Independent Study. If there is a course that BYU Independent Study does not offer but that the student wishes to take (band or choir, for example), the student may submit a request to take that specific course at another school. Requests should be submitted to the High School Programs Administrator at Students should wait for approval before registering for courses at other schools. These courses must be approved individually.