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BYU Course Learning Outcome

Students will develop a solid understanding of general biological principles in context of relevant topics in health and biology.


There are no prerequisistes for this course.

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Course Materials

You have two choices for the textbook. You may purchase a hard copy of the textbook packaged with LaunchPad access, or you may purchase LaunchPad access which comes with access to the e-textbook. Either version is fine. The access to LaunchPad will last 12 months beginning when you register.

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Course Organization

This course is divided into 14 units, and each unit has multiple lessons. As you will see below, there are quizzes, writing assignments, and exams. Also, you will do LearningCurve activities through the textbook publisher's website.


Syllabus Quiz

The syllabus quiz has multiple-choice questions based on the content of the following pages: Syllabus, Course Policies, How to Succeed, and How to Access LaunchPad and LearningCurve. You must pass it with 100 percent before continuing on to the rest of the course. You can take this quiz as many times as needed to pass. It does not count as part of your overall course grade, but it is mandatory.


There are 11 quizzes based on the lecture videos and readings. Each quiz will have a different number of questions.You may use your book and notes, and refer back to the videos to help you. Remember, however, that you will not be able to use your book or notes on the exams, so make sure that you know the material without having to refer to the book or other course information. You must complete all of the quizzes, but your lowest score will be dropped.

LearningCurve Activities

Through the textbook publisher’s website, LaunchPad, you will find both the e-text as well as LearningCurve activities. You will be assigned LearningCurve activities throughout your course. These activities do not count toward your grade. However, the LearningCurve quizzes and some exam questions are based on them, so I strongly encourage you to do them.

See the “How to Access LaunchPad and LearningCurve” page for detailed instructions on how to access LaunchPad and the LearningCurve activities.

LearningCurve Quizzes

You will complete and submit five LearningCurve quizzes in your course. If you practice the LearningCurve assignments until you can answer all of the questions correctly, you should have no problem with the LearningCurve quizzes.

Written Assignments

You will have three written assignments that you will submit throughout the course. I suggest you complete and submit each writing assignment before taking the corresponding exam. For example, you should complete your first writing assignment before taking Exam 1. The directions for the specific writing assignment and how to submit it will be at the end of Unit 4 for Writing Assignment 1, Unit 9 for Writing Assignment 2, and Unit 13 for Writing Assignment 3.

NOTE: You will notice as you take the quizzes that there may be questions from earlier parts of the course. That is intentional. What you learn in this course builds on itself, so all of the information you have already learned is fair game on quizzes and exams.

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There will be three exams: two midcourse exams and a final exam. The exams consist of multiple-choice, matching, and essay questions. To answer the essay questions, you will need to be able to explain and apply what you have learned. The midcourse exams usually take about 1–2 hours each for students to complete.

Exam 1 should be taken at the end of Unit 4. Exam 2 should be taken after Unit 10; it covers both the new information and the content from Exam 1. The final exam comes after Unit 14 and is comprehensive, although emphasis is placed on the content presented since Exam 2.

While this may sound daunting, remember that these concepts build on each other. Hence, the earlier concepts that were challenging at first will become simpler and, hopefully, second nature to you as you progress in this course.

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Your grade will be based on this breakdown:

Assessment Percent


LearningCurve Quizzes


Writing Assignments


Midcourse Exam 1


Midcourse Exam 2


Final Exam




Grading Scale

Your final grade will be determined by the following grading scale:

Grading Scale
A 85–100%
A- 80–84.9%
B+ 77–79.9%
B 73–76.9%
B- 70–72.9%
C+ 67–69.9%
C 63–66.9%
C- 60–62.9%
D+ 57–59.9%
D 53–56.9%
D- 50–52.9%
E (fail) 49.9% and below

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Course Policies

These policies are specific to this course. For additional information about general policies, please refer to Independent Study Course Policies page.


11 quizzes (the lowest one dropped), 5 LearningCurve chapter quizzes, and 3 written assignments. One resubmission each is allowed for a fee.

Resubmit an assignment for a fee.


2 proctored, instructor-graded exams; 1 proctored, instructor-graded final exam. The exams may be retaken once each for a fee. You must pass the final exam to pass the course.

Retake an exam for a fee.

NOTE: If you purchase a 3-month extension, please be aware that you may also need to purchase access to LaunchPad again.

Getting Help

Please use the help menu in this course to contact Independent Study or your instructor. You can find a list of free tutors available to BYU Independent Study students on the Free Tutoring Services website.

Note: The Harold B. Lee Library website provides a number of online resources and librarians are available via phone, chat, and email to answer questions about library-related issues.

Inappropriate Use of Course Content

All course materials (e.g., outlines, handouts, syllabi, exams, quizzes, media, lecture content, audio and video recordings, etc.) are proprietary. Students are prohibited from posting or selling any such course materials without the express written permission of BYU Independent Study. To do so is a violation of the Brigham Young University Honor Code.

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