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Learning Outcomes

The discipline of Industrial/Organizational psychology is the application of psychological principles to organizational behavior. As you complete this course, you should develop the knowledge, ability, and skill to do the following:

  1. Describe and explain concepts from human resources, leadership development, employee training, motivation and satisfaction, group dynamics, and organizational climates.
  2. Apply theory to organizational situations.
  3. Describe, explain, and apply time management, self-motivation, and project-planning methods and techniques.
  4. Understand the value of collaborative teamwork.
  5. Develop your higher-order cognitive abilities and at the highest order, use your knowledge to create—reorganize elements into a new pattern, structure, or purpose (generate, plan, produce).
  6. Use your personal strengths in combination with increased faith to accomplish your personal, academic and business goals.

For more information about the learning outcomes for this course and others, please see the BYU Expected Learning Outcomes website.


Before you take this course, you need to have taken PSYCH 111: Introduction to Psychology (or its equivalent). In addition, you will need knowledge and skills (such as statistical analysis) covered in these courses:

Course Materials

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Required Assignments

You will complete each of these assignments during the course.

Organization Website Development

For this assignment, you will be required to use Google Sites to develop a business website for an imaginary start-up organization. I recommend that you work with others to develop ideas at this stage. You will develop the nature of the business, the products involved, and the effective human resource strategies necessary to create a successful organization.

There will be four website development check-up assessments throughout the course and one final website assessment. Each check-up will assess your additions since the last check-up. The final assessment will be cumulative. You’ll find the details for each check-up at the appropriate places in the course.

When you have finished all the requirements for each website development phase, you’ll open the appropriate website development assignment and send me the URL for your course and a note telling me that it’s ready for me to review. Develops objectives 15.

Note: You must submit each Website Check assignment before you can continue in the course! If you have not submitted the Website Check, you will not be able to display the following course material.

Application Worksheets

Application worksheets are based on the assigned reading or lecture discussion and will often be useful to facilitate ideas for your business website. The worksheets will also assist you in studying for the Application Exams. You may use your text and any notes to complete the worksheets. The point of the worksheets is to understand the material being presented and help you in designing your website.

Before you begin the course, you must pass Application Worksheet 1: Syllabus Verification to make sure you understand the course requirements. You will need to complete this worksheet before you continue, so you can be sure you’re starting off on the right track.

You will submit the rest of your application worksheets in each lesson as you go along. Click Start, type (or copy and paste) your answers for each question, then click Submit. You’ll see a green checkmark next to each question, indicating that you’ve answered the question. Develops objectives 15.

Note: I’ll review your answers during the five Website Development check-up assessments, so make sure you’ve answered all the questions for each worksheet before you send me notice that you’re ready for each Website Development check-up.

Final Business Presentation

In lieu of a final exam, you will present your company as you would at a recruiting fair. You will record and upload this presentation so I can watch it and give you a grade. A live audience of at least five people should be present. Develops objectives 1–5.

Extra Credit Assignments

You may turn in one of each of these extra credit assignments.

Note: You must turn in your extra-credit assignments with your website URL for the Final Website Check-up, before you submit your final business presentation.


If you come across any media (songs, movies, video clips, etc.) that can be incorporated into a lecture discussion, please provide me with a copy of or link to that media, a one-page explanation of how it applies to the lecture discussion, and how it can/should be used in the course. Please make sure the material is appropriate and follows BYU standards.

This assignment is worth up to 10 points. Develops objectives 1&2.

Journal Article Summary

You may choose to read and critically evaluate any scientific article to reference on your business website. Please include a copy of the article with your summary.

This assignment is worth up to 30 points: 6 points for including the article, up to 8 points for summarizing the article and how it applies to your organization, 8 points for critically evaluating the article, and 8 points for including a specific plan on how you will use the findings of the article in the future beyond this course. Develops objective 1.

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Application Exams

There will be two application exams. Although the exams are not directly comprehensive, the nature of the course will require you to know previously learned concepts.

The exams require you to think about the material you have learned and apply it to scenarios. They will not include multiple-choice questions and you will not be allowed to use your text or any notes—only your brain. It is likely that for some questions there will be multiple correct answers (much like the “real” world). In these cases you will be graded on how well you support your answer. You will need to combine problem-solving skills with specific concepts from the course, and apply the concepts.

You may retake each exam once for a fee.

Note: You must pass the application exams with a 60% or better to earn credit for the course.

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Here is the point breakdown for the assignments and exams:

5 Website Development Check-ups, 75 pts each 375 pts
29 Application Worksheets, 5 pts. each 145 pts
1 Final Business Presentation 80 pts
2 Application Examinations, 100 pts. each 200 pts
Total: 800

Grade Scale

Your letter grade is based on these percentages:

Grade Percent
A 94% to 100%
A- 90% to 93%
B+ 87% to 89%
B 83% to 86%
B- 80% to 82%
C+ 77% to 79%
C 73% to 76%
C- 70% to 72%
D+ 67% to 69%
D 63% to 66%
D- 60% to 62%
E 0% to 59%

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