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What You Should Already Know

In order to do well in this course, you need to have a basic understanding of the connection between history (what has happened or is happening) and literature (how those events impact people). You should understand the authors’ use of specific techniques, and you should be prepared to learn and recognize those literary techniques used in the lesson’s selections. You should know how to write a good, workable sentence, an effective paragraph, and a well-developed essay. Those skills will be needed to produce the research report you will submit at the end of lesson 7.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Define new vocabulary words and use them in context.
  2. Identify authors' themes in their works.
  3. Assess where you, as an individual, and we, as a society, are presently and decide what must be accomplished to improve.
  4. Produce a well-written research report, including in-text documentation, a works cited page, and an outline.
  5. Produce a well-written personal narrative that demonstrates mastery of the writing process including writing multiple drafts, revision, and editing.

Course Materials

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Summary: 6 computer-graded assignments, 2 instructor-graded assignments, may be resubmitted once for a fee

Self Checks

After most objectives in this course there are computer-graded Self Check quizzes. These do not count toward your grade but will check your understanding and prepare you for future assignments and the final exam.


Each lesson is followed by a speedback assignment. These computer-graded assignments constitute 24% of your total grade. They are one of the best tools you have for preparing for the final exam.

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Summary: 1 proctored exam (multiple-choice and matching questions), may retake once for a fee, must pass to earn credit for the course.

The final exam of this course consists of around 50 multiple-choice and matching questions. It is worth 30% of your grade.

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Your grade will be broken down in the following fashion:

Items to be Graded Percent of Total Grade
6 Speedbacks (one from each lesson)

24 percent

Personal Narrative 20 percent
Research Report 26 percent
Final Exam 30 percent

Your final grade will be determined by the following scale.

Grading Scale
A 100-94
A− 93-90
B+ 89-86
B 85-82
B− 81-78
C+ 77-74
C 73-70
C− 69-66
D+ 65-62
D 61-58
D− 57-54
E (fail) 53 or below

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Course Duration

You have 1 year to complete this course. You may purchase one 3-month extension if you need more than a year to complete the course.

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Getting Help

Please use the help menu in this course to contact Independent Study or your instructor. You can find a list of free tutors available to BYU Independent Study students on the Free Tutoring Services website.

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Inappropriate Use of Course Content

All course materials (e.g., outlines, handouts, syllabi, exams, quizzes, media, lecture content, audio and video recordings, etc.) are proprietary. Students are prohibited from posting or selling any such course materials without the express written permission of BYU Independent Study. To do so is a violation of the Brigham Young University Honor Code.