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What You Should Already Know

The prerequisite for English 43 is English 41: Ninth-grade English 1 or a ninth-grade equivalent.

Learning Outcomes

The main purpose of this course is to help you become an effective reader and writer, and I hope you will learn to love reading and writing as well. The course is designed to cover all of the national standards required for students in a ninth-grade English course. I also hope that this course will help broaden your perspective and view the world and those around you in a new way as you open your eyes to new possibilities and learn to express yourself eloquently. Here are some of the main things you will learn to do:

As you can see, the course objectives are diverse. Accomplishing these objectives will help you in every situation throughout your life as you learn to read carefully, write effectively, and express yourself eloquently.

Course Materials

You will not need a textbook for this course; however, you will need one novel that we will read and discuss throughout the course:

This novel was published in 1970 and was a Newberry Honor Book in that year. If possible, I would prefer for you to use the 2001 edition, but if you can’t find that edition, any edition of the novel will work. You may order this novel from the BYU Bookstore, get it from another bookseller, or even borrow it from a library.

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Summary: 12 computer-graded assignments and 6 portfolio submissions, may be resubmitted once for a fee.

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Summary: 1 proctored, computer-graded exam with two instructor-graded essays, may retake once for a fee, must pass to earn credit for the course.

The final exam consists of 94 multiple-choice questions and 2 essay questions.  It is closed book/note and there is no time limit.  To receive credit for this course you must pass the exam with at least 60%.

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The following chart outlines each of the lessons in this course:

Lesson Number Assignment Instructions %
1 Speedback 3
2 Speedback 3
  Portfolio 1 Portfolio assignments from Lessons 1-2 7
3 Speedback   3
Cumulative Review 1 Review of Lessons 1-3 4
  Portfolio 2 Portfolio assignments from Lesson 3 7
4 Speedback 3
5 Speedback 3
Portfolio 3 Portfolio assignments from Lessons 4-5 8
6 Speedback   3
  Cumulative Review 2 Review of Lessons 1-6 4
7 Speedback 3
  Portfolio 4 Portfolio assignments from Lessons 6-7 8
8 Speedback   3
Portfolio 5 Portfolio assignments from Lesson 8 9
9 Speedback   3
Cumulative Review 3 Review of Lessons 1-9 5
Portfolio 6 Portfolio assignments from Lesson 9 and Reading Log 12
Final Exam Comprehensive, covering all of the material discussed in the entire course 10

Notice how much the instructor-graded assignments are worth. Since this is an English course, about 50 percent of your grade will be based on your writing and reading assignments. Please make sure that all of the assignments you submit reflect your best efforts and please follow the instructions for each assignment carefully.

Your grade will come from the combined percentage of your assignments and final exam, according to this scale:

Grading Scale
A 94-100
A− 90-93
B+ 87-89
B 84-86
B− 80-83
C+ 77-79
C 74-76
C− 70-73
D+ 67-69
D 64-66
D− 60-63
E (fail) 0-59

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Course Duration

You have 1 year to complete this course. You may purchase one 3-month extension if you need more than a year to complete the course.

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Getting Help

Please use the help menu in this course to contact Independent Study or your instructor. You can find a list of free tutors available to BYU Independent Study students on the Free Tutoring Services website.

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Plagiarism Policy

Plagiarism is defined as the unauthorized use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one’s own original work. This may also include when a student copies and pastes directly from another source and passes it off as his or her own, copies computer-generated text from a translation tool and uses it as his or her own, or fails to cite a source after loosely summarizing its content in his or her own words.

As determined by your instructor or the BYU Independent Study administration, if evidence of academic misconduct on assignments or exams is established, one of the two following consequences will apply to each incidence:

First Offense of Plagiarism

Second Offense of Plagiarism

Inappropriate Use of Course Content

All course materials (e.g., outlines, handouts, syllabi, exams, quizzes, media, lecture content, audio and video recordings, etc.) are proprietary. Students are prohibited from posting or selling any such course materials without the express written permission of BYU Independent Study. To do so is a violation of the Brigham Young University Honor Code.