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Instructor-graded Assignment

If you are enrolled in a Self-Guided paper (by mail) course, use this form to submit an Instructor-graded assignment. This form is not to be used to submit assignments if you are enrolled in a Online course or a Teacher-Led course. Fill out all the information below and use the Attachment area to attach your assignment file(s). You may only submit one portfolio at a time. You may attach up to six individual files for the portfolio lesson submission. If you have more files for your lesson assignment, please zip them together. Follow the instructions in your course manual carefully so that you are submitting a complete assignment. After you submit the form, a copy of the submission will be sent to your email address. Please make a copy of your assignment before you submit it.

(if different from the address you enrolled with)

(ie. MATH 41, ACC 200-12)

  Attachments combined size should be under 10 Mb in size.

* If you have more than 6 files for your assignment, you will need to either create a zip file containing all the files or consolidate them into one file.

NOTE: If the assignment you are attaching is a large file it may take awhile for this page to finish. Please click the Send button only once and wait until you receive the confirmation page before closing the window.

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