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Character Education: Exploring Values

Part 3

XPLR 045

Paper Course

$ 56.00

Instructor: Jennifer Mortensen
Credits: 0.50

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This course is a literary study of additional basic values; it examines the consequences of having or lacking mercy, patience, grace, gratitude, accountability, loyalty, patriotism, and self-sufficiency. Lessons include instructor-graded portfolio activities, which should be submitted as a whole prior to requesting the final. This is the third course in a three-part Character Education: Exploring Values series (XPLR 041, XPLR 043, and XPLR 045); however, any of the courses may be taken independently of the others.

Course Content:

1. Mercy: It Blesses Him That Gives, and Him That Takes
2. Patience: The Self-Fulfilling Virtue
3. Grace: Not Just for Clumsy People
4. Gratitude: Focusing on the Positive
5. Accountability: I Decide Who I Am
6. Loyalty: Developing an Unswerving Allegiance to the Positive Entities in Your Life
7. Patriotism: Beyond Pledging Allegiance
8. Self-Sufficiency: You Can Depend on You
9. Portfolio Assignment

Paper Courses:

Assignments for this course can be submitted online or by mail, email, or fax. If you do not have reliable internet access the optional course packet includes bubble sheets to be mailed.


This course may be counted for credit in either language arts literature or electives, but not both.