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Adolescent Development in the Family and Other Social Contexts

SFL 333


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Instructor: Sarah Marie Coyne
Credits: 3.00

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SFL 101 (Introduction to School of Family Life) & STAT 121 (Principles of Statistics) & SFL 290 (Critical Inquiry and Research Methods); SFL 210 (Human Development) or concurrent enrollment.


Examining the developmental and social contexts of adolescents with emphasis on the importance of the family. Other contexts include peers, religion, community, schools, and cross-cultural issues.

Course Content:

Lesson 1: Introduction to Adolescence
Lesson 2: Physical Development
Lesson 3: Cognitive Development
Lesson 4: Family
Lesson 5: Peers
Lesson 6: Identity
Lesson 7: Autonomy
Lesson 8: Intimacy
Lesson 9: Sexual Development
Lesson 10: Psychosocial Problems in Adolescence
Lesson 11: Media
Lesson 12: Transition to Adulthood

Online Courses:

Course materials are accessed online, and all assignments must be submitted online. Optional course readings may be available but do not include the self-check assignments or graded assignments.

   No Materials required for this course!