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Molecular Biology



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Instructor: Kim Leslie O'Neill
Credits: 3.00

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BIO 130 (Biology) and CHEM 105 (General College Chemistry); or PDBIO 120 (Science of Biology) and CHEM 105 (General College Chemistry); or MMBIO 121 (General Biology: Health and Disease) and CHEM 105 (General College Chemistry); or equivalent skills.


Fundamentals of protein and nucleic acid structure and their function in the context of the classical experiments that have informed our current models of biology at the molecular level.

Course Content:

Lesson 1: Introduction: What Is Life?
Lesson 2: Nature of DNA and Protein Bonding
Lesson 3: Protein Bonding and Structure
Lesson 4: DNA Structure
Lesson 5: Restriction Enzymes and DNA Fingerprinting
Lesson 6: DNA Fingerprinting and Bioengineering
Lesson 7: Genetic Engineering
Lesson 8: Gene Therapy and DNA Techniques
Lesson 9: DNA Techniques
Lesson 10: Genome Characteristics
Lesson 11: DNA Packaging and Histone Code
Lesson 12: Histone Code
Lesson 13: Prokaryotic Replication, Part 1
Lesson 14: Prokaryotic Replication, Part 2
Lesson 15: Prokaryotic Replication, Part 3
Lesson 16: Eukaryotic Replication, Part 1
Lesson 17: Eukaryotic Replication, Part 2
Lesson 18: Mutations
Lesson 19: Carcinogens
Lesson 20: DNA Repair, Part 1
Lesson 21: DNA Repair, Part 2
Lesson 22: DNA Repair, Part 3
Lesson 23: Transposons
Lesson 24: Transposons and Prokaryotic Transcription
Lesson 25: Bacterial Transcription
Lesson 26: Eukaryotic Transcription, Part 1
Lesson 27: Eukaryotic Transcription, Part 2
Lesson 28: Transcription
Lesson 29: Eukaryotic Post-Transcriptional Modification
Lesson 30: Translation
Lesson 31: Prokaryotic Translation
Lesson 32: Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Translation
Lesson 33: Eukaryotic Translation
Lesson 34: Gene Regulation, Part 1
Lesson 35: Gene Regulation, Part 2
Lesson 36: Gene Regulation, Part 3
Lesson 37: Gene Regulation, Part 4
Lesson 38: Cell Biology
Lesson 39: Development
Lesson 40: Micro RNA

Online Courses:

Course materials are accessed online, and all assignments must be submitted online. Optional course readings may be available but do not include the self-check assignments or graded assignments.

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