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World War II in History and Memory

HIST 293


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Instructor: Aaron H Skabelund
Credits: 3.00

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Causes, flow, global impact of the war emphasizing American and Japanese experience, ways in which it shaped lives of individual participants, and how it is remembered.

Course Content:

Lesson 1: Introductions
Lesson 2: Origins
Lesson 3: Total War and Total Empire
Lesson 4: The War in Europe
Lesson 5: Shoah
Lesson 6: The War in the Pacific
Lesson 7: Gender and Connections between the Home Front and Battle Front
Lesson 8: Race on the US Home Front
Lesson 9: Operation Overlord in History and Popular Memory
Lesson 10: Empire and War
Lesson 11: Wars without Mercy
Lesson 12: The Fog of War
Lesson 13: Bringing the War to an End
Lesson 14: Aftermaths

Online Courses:

Course materials are accessed online, and all assignments must be submitted online. Optional course readings may be available but do not include the self-check assignments or graded assignments.