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Seventh-Grade Science

Part 1

GSCI 031

Paper Course

$ 163.00

Instructor: Kevin Dickerson MEd
Credits: 0.50

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This introductory integrated science course focuses on matter and its organization, cells and the basic building blocks of life, and the basic structure and function of living things. This is the first course in a two-part Seventh-Grade Science series (GSCI 031 and GSCI 033); however, either course may be taken independently of the other.

Course Content:

1. Science Basics
2. Characteristics of Living Things
3. Lesson 1-2 Review
4. Cells
5. Classification of Living Things
6. Lesson 1-5 Review
7. Mendelian Genetics
8. Movement & Support (Muscles & Bones)
9. Lesson 1-8 Review

Paper Courses:

Assignments for this course can be submitted online or by mail, email, or fax. If you do not have reliable internet access the optional course packet includes bubble sheets to be mailed.