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Second-Year German

GERM 201


$ 772.00

Instructor: Cindy P Brewer
Credits: 4.00

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C grade or better in GERM 102 (First-Year German) or equivalent.


Reading, writing, grammar, culture, listening, and speaking.

Course Content:

Unit 1: Die drei Räuber
Unit 2: Jenseits der Stille
Unit 3: Das Wunder von Bern
Unit 4: Die Welle
Unit 5: Almanya

Online Courses:

Course materials are accessed online, and all assignments must be submitted online. Optional course readings may be available but do not include the self-check assignments or graded assignments.


Students must have a headset/mic and speakers to complete required speaking appointments. A webcam is preferred but not required. Access to a printer/scanner/smartphone is also necessary for submitting written assignments. For optimal connection speeds during speaking appointments, it is recommended to use a hardwired, high-speed Internet connection during the appointment.

   No Materials required for this course!