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Part 1

GEOM 041

Paper Course

$ 163.00

Instructor: Katherine Rebecca Myers
Credits: 0.50

Course Currently Unavailable


Algebra 1, Part 2 (ALG 053) or equivalent.


Geometry 041 covers principles of plane geometry including deductive reasoning, hypotheses, postulates, corollaries, conclusions, assumptions, and formal proofing; writing the converse, inverse, and contrapositive of a theorem as well as constructing geometric figures using the basic tools of geometry. This is the first course in a two-part Geometry series (GEOM 041 and GEOM 043).

Course Content:

1. Segments and Angles
2. Mathematical Reasoning
3. Parallel Lines
4. Triangles
5. Polygons
6. Quadrilaterals

Paper Courses:

Assignments for this course can be submitted online or by mail, email, or fax. If you do not have reliable internet access the optional course packet includes bubble sheets to be mailed.


You must have access to a ruler, protractor, compass, and scientific calculator.
Required Materials Cost
   Geom 041 - Other Materials     Included in tuition
   Printed Course Packet     Included in tuition