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World Geography

GEOG 041

Paper Course

$ 163.00

Instructor: Brian E Preece
Credits: 0.50

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This course explores each of the elements of the 18 National Geography Standards, which are outlined by the National Council for Geographic Education. While examining the physical and human forces that shape our world, students will use geography tools, including maps and graphs, to analyze and consider the ways resources are used, and investigate advancements in technology that affect the way we live.

Course Content:

1. The Basics: What in the world are you talking about?

Paper Courses:

Assignments for this course can be submitted online or by mail, email, or fax. If you do not have reliable internet access the optional course packet includes bubble sheets to be mailed.


Although the CD provided with this course is not necessary for completing the course successfully, it will enrich the learning experience. The CD performs best on a PC.
Required Materials Cost
   Geog 041 - CD/Color Packet     Included in tuition
   Printed Course Packet     Included in tuition