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Seventh-Grade English

Part 2

ENGL 033

Paper Course

$ 163.00

Instructor: Karen Diane Schlosser MA
Credits: 0.50

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Seventh-Grade English, Part 1 (ENGL 031) or equivalent.


Students will read and study novels, short stories, and other selections that relate to the theme of coming-of-age, and they will enhance their reading and writing skills along the way. This is the second course in a two-part Seventh-Grade English series (ENGL 031 and ENGL 033).

Course Content:

1. Stand Up and Be Counted
2. Alienation
3. Looking Forward to the Future
4. The Quest for Independence
5. Who Am I?
6. Facing up to Fear
7. The Changing Face of Friendship
8. Waking Up

Paper Courses:

Assignments for this course can be submitted online or by mail, email, or fax. If you do not have reliable internet access the optional course packet includes bubble sheets to be mailed.


The Witch of Blackbird Pond and 8 Plus 1 may be available at a local library or bookstore.
Required Materials Cost
   Engl 033 - CD     Included in tuition
   Printed Course Packet     Included in tuition