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Computer Science

Part 1

CS 041

Teacher-Led Course (TL)

UC Approved

$ 263.00

Instructor: Gary Lewis Ashton
Credits: 0.50

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Algebra 1, Part 2 (ALG 053), Secondary Math 1, Part 2 (MATH 052) or an equivalent course.


This is an introductory semester course in computer programming/software engineering and applications. The course introduces students to the fundamentals of computer programming. Students will learn to design, code, and test their own programs. The course will introduce basic programming concepts to beginning students through the Python programming language, preparing them for the second semester where they will learn object-oriented programming skills in an Internet environment.

Course Content:

Unit 1 - Introduction to Computer Programming with Python
Unit 2 - Exploring Python Syntax and User-Defined Functions
Unit 3 - Data Structures and for Loops
Unit 4 - Diving Deeper with Python
Unit 5 - Putting It All Together


You will need access to the following in order to successfully complete the course: - A computer with a connection to the Internet. - A webcam and a microphone for a computer.

   No Materials required for this course!