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First-Year ASL

Part 1

ASL 041

Teacher-Led Course (TL)

UC Approved

$ 263.00

Instructors: Hilary Marie Daniel
or Trevor Ray Schramm
or John Gary Hill
or Mary Elizabeth McLerran
Credits: 0.50

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In this American Sign Language course, students will learn the basics of the language, be taught simple conversations; and cover topics such as numbers, feelings, yes and no questions, facial expressions, cultural aspects, and more. This course features interactive elements: live one-on-one signing appointments, a student discussion board, and an instructor-hosted wiki. There is a strong emphasis on learning to sign more fluently. This is the first course in a four-part ASL series (ASL 041, ASL 043, ASL 051, and ASL 053).

Course Content:

Unit 1: Here We Go
Unit 2: A Word About Learning ASL
Unit 3: First Step in Learning ASL: Practice
Unit 4: Making Conversation
Unit 5: Ending a Conversation
Unit 6: Putting a Face on Your Signs
Unit 7: Meeting Someone
Unit 8: Making Plans
Unit 9: Changing Plans
Unit 10: Going Places


Students will need access to a computer with high speed Internet access, a microphone, speakers (or headphones), and a webcam. There are no resubmissions or retakes on instructor-graded assignments, unit quizzes or the final exam. On signing appointments, lowest score may be dropped. You must complete the signing appointment in each unit before you can move on to the next unit.

   No Materials required for this course!