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We recognize that each student has unique circumstances and different learning needs. That’s why we offer different course options to help them succeed: Teacher-Led courses and Online courses and Paper courses.

To help you better understand which type of course is right for you, we have created a table (below) to compare the different course options. However, some courses are unique, so please read through the course description for more detailed information on your specific course.

Three types of courses Paper/Online Courses - BYU Independent Study
Paper Course
NEW Online Courses with BYU Independent Study
Online Course
NEW Instructor Guided Online Courses through BYU Independent Study
Teacher-Led Course
  Our traditional Paper/Online courses are self-paced, can be accessed online, and include a printed course packet. Students engage in our courses with the use of diverse videos, computerized labs, interactive activities, instructor tutorials, and animated clips. Our teacher-led courses provide students all the benefits of our self-paced courses, along with a highly interactive, online experience.
Tuition $154 $144 $249
Printed Course Readings (Optional) Included in course $10 $10
Optional Printed Materials      
Syllabi, Graded and Non-Graded Assignments, Bubble Sheets X    
Course Readings X X X
Enroll Anytime, Up to a year to complete, self-paced*  X X X
Internet Access Required Not Required X X
Customizable Due Dates   X X
Instructor Guided     X
Student Support      
Phone Support, Tech  Support, E-mail Support, Live Chat, Access to Free Tutors X X X
Active Tutor/Mentoring of student's progress   X X
Live Video Conferencing     X
Counselor Support      
Computer-graded assignments Submit online or mail bubble sheet  Submit online  Submit online 
Instructor-graded assignments Submit online or e-mail, fax, or mail Submit online  Submit online 
Instructor Assistance      
E-mail  X X X
Active Monitoring of Progress   X X
Discussion Boards     X
Scheduled Checkpoints     X
Live Video Conferencing     X
Student Productivity Tools      
What If? Calculator, Due Date Scheduler, Student Home Page   X X

Paper Course

Online Course

Teacher-Led Course